How Does Kouples n' Karaoke work?

Kouple N Karaoke aims to make personal connections with people through music. Adding elements of speed dating, blind dates and karaoke, the KnK creators curate a fun experience that can potentially introduce you to the Beyonce to your Jay-Z.

You will not know who you are singing with until you get on stage! Ticket holders will fill out our online questionnaire. Our team of matchmaking coordinators will match you using simple matchmaking strategies but importantly you will be matched by your favorite duet song. 

At the event you will then perform together with your match and base your chemistry off of how comfortable you can sing with each other. At the end, you can choose if you want to go platinum or become a one hit wonder.


Frequently asked questions

How will I get matched with a potential love interest?

Our team of matchmakers will select participants based on simple strategies of compatibility.We will ask you to provide your instagram, zodiac sign and most importanly your favorite duet song! We believe matching participants by song shows a common interest between participants and performing said song together will determine compatibility.

How can I sign up to hit the stage?

The sign up form is located on our website,where you will register to perform a duet song with another participant that we hand picked for you. This form is mandatory in order to perform for a shot at love! You do not have to fill out this form in order to attend but you must purchase a ticket to perfrom along with the form

Does signing up guarantee I will sing with my potential love interests

Slots are limited, so move FAST. First come, first serve. Please note: with limited slots and many people trying to sign up, the sign up list will fill up in seconds. If you see “unavailable,” it means all the slots have already been claimed. We want to give everyone a fair shot at hitting the stage and finding love. Only one sign up per-attendee is allowed. If you sign up more than once, you will be disqualified from participating.Please note signing up does not guarantee you will get the chance to find love on stage.

How will I know if the connection was mutual?

We introduced you but it is up to you to keep the connection alive and exchange information. The point of KnK is for particpants to vibe with each other through songs to make a lasting connection. In order to keep track of our success stories we will ask you to fill out a short form asking if you made a connection with your potential bae on stage. You can let us know if you want to go platinum with them or become a one hit wonder. Going platinum means that you are interested in getting to know them more while a one hit wonder means you are not trying to top the charts with them.

Do I have to perform in order to participate?

Nope! The audience is just as important as the participates and we need people to cheer the matches on and just have a good time!

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